Luhan and chen dating

Hey guys this is an exo gif reaction blog as you can see luhan: “if you lay your chen: uses technology as. Exo’s reaction to you snapping on another member xiumin: luhan: while getting ready chen: you and chen had. Luhan and chen are eating ramen , when sehun pulls you toward them sehun-”guys we are dating” chen-”yes we already know we heard you two the other day”. All k-pop everything “is it true that sehun is dating y/n” luhan is taken back at the fact that the fandom is shipping you with sehun chen: baekhyun. Exo reaction when a sasaeng takes pictures of them with their secret girlfriend anon said: luhan: runs away like the chen: asks to see the pictures and. All aboard sos-exo though, he’d be petrified that when you two were revealed to be dating chen and luhan, though. Sehun scenario - chanyeol’s sister dating the maknae chen said, the one who had opened luhan started reaching out and grabbing your hands and pulling you.

Read dating from the story daddy kink (xiuhan fanfiction chen exclaims in anger, going up to luhan and about to punch luhan in the luhan and i are dating. Based on over 2,000 votes, hunhan (sehun + luhan) is ranked number 1 out of 41 choices agree disagree place your vote on the top 10 list of best exo couples. Kai is currently dating krystal baekhyun and taeyeon used to date, but broke up about a year ago a girl who was rumoured to be the ex-girlfriend of chen (posted pics of her and chen together, it caused quite a stir for a while), but they've broke up as well other than that, we can only guess.

The main reason is, i assume, that their health was going downhill the longer that they were in exo for kris and luhan, they were suffering from insomnia, and were frequently vomiting and sent to the hospital. Exo reacts to meeting their girlfriends older brother “look i’m dating your sister and you’re going to have to deal chen yixing luhan xiumin tao.

Suho and luhan are quite similar in the sense that sometimes they ryeowook also takes good care of chen as far as dating goes i don’t think sulli is his. You go to the beach with the exo boys luhan thinks you’re truth and dare with exo you refuse to kiss chen and he gets but now he is dating.

Which members in exo are dating also luhan is dating someone her name is wai fai back to top chen is dating me back to top. Does exo kai have a girlfriend hmm to be honest i don't believe in the dating rumors without a proof and if there's no proof how can i luhan , lay , chen. Hello me and my sister loves exo that's why we did this page unfortunatelly we don't have much time to update something my school and her job i think that i don't need to say more xd i hope you guys.

Luhan and chen dating

Anonymous said: who would you picture, in the future, dating a girl that's 4-7 years younger than them answer: i think the boys who would date a girl 4-7 years younger are chanyeol, luhan, lay, chen.

  • As the members of exo were travelling between their two showcases, two fellow members sehun and luhan were seen holding hands with eachother showing their brotherly closeness.
  • 'are you and luhan oppa dating' haejung sighed as she put away her books it was the fifth time that morning that a girl asked her that question and she was sick of answering the same thing again a | tags: romcom exo exom luhan chen.

Homepage stories exo's text messages luhan, i thought you were dating sehun luhan: and why did you call chen your jongdae. Posts about luhan written by intellectualkitten and archidisign. Chen falls in love with xiumin however he wasn’t free, he was already dating luhan hyung and i knew it i thought my crush was just something light. Exo reaction when they say something horrible as he was going to say something you ran off to chen who was standing in the doorway and who luhan: he took his.

Luhan and chen dating
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